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03/28/2017 Arcelor Mittal integrated steel mill at Kryvyi Rih (Кривий Ріг) Krivoy Rog (Кривой Рог)   
10/30/2016 Dneprovskiy Dzerzhinskiy Metallurgical Plant ДМКД   
07/31/2014 iron ore mining in the Krywyj Rih / Krivoy Rog area   
07/29/2014 mining in the Donets Basin    mining and processing of coal and mercury in the Donets Basin
02/07/2014 Czech Republic    coke plants in Czech Republic
photographs of Trinecké Železárn coke plant added
02/07/2014 Donetsk Iron and Steel Works (Донецкий металлургический завод)   
09/01/2012 Trinecké Železárny    The Trinecké Železárny steel works at Trinec
photograph of no 4 blast furnace added
05/28/2012 integrated steel mill EVRAZ DMZ Petrovskogo (ЕВРАЗ - ДМЗ им. Петровского)   
02/12/2012 Cockerill Sambre / Carsid Charleroi    The USINOR steel mill 'Cockerill Sambre' (CARSID) in Charleroi
photographs of pumping station, substation, ore preparation plant and cooling tower added
02/12/2012 Thy-Marcinelle    The Thy-Marcinelle steel mill at Charleroi
02/12/2012 Cockerill Sambre Liège / Seraing    The 'Cockerill Sambre' (ARCELOR-Mittal) steelworks in Liège and Seraing
photographs of the former Cockerill / Seraing steel mill added.
12/12/2011 Bethlehem Steel    The legendary steelmills of Bethlehem Steel
new industrial photograph of Bethlehem Steel added (colour slide)
11/17/2011 Monckton Coking Plant    Monckton Coking Plant in Royston (today Hargreaves group)
photographs of Royston coke plant added
10/24/2011 power plants    hydroelectric and coal power plants
photographs of Leonard transformers added
07/31/2011 Industrial Audio Recordings   
Sound recording of the hot rolling mill of Tata Steel Strip Products in IJmuiden (NL) added
07/23/2011 HKM Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann steelworks    The HKM steelworks at Duisburg
07/17/2011 ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG (TKS) Duisburg     The blast furnaces ofThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG at Duisburg Hamborn and Schwelgern
new photographs of TKS Hamborn/Bruckhausen and Schwelgern blast furnaces
06/23/2011 Tata Steel IJmuiden    The integrated Tata Steel Strip Products steelworks (formerly Corus, formerly Hoogovens) in IJmuiden
photographs of the blast furnaces added
04/30/2011 gas holders   
telescopic gasholder added
04/30/2011 steam engines   
steam engines of a wool washery added
01/28/2011 various factories   
photographs of an abandoned sugar factory added
01/23/2011 Water towers   
Holz and Cockerill Seraing water towers added
12/21/2010 Cokeries d'Anderlues    The coking plant 'Cokeries et Huileries d'Anderlues'
new photographs added
11/25/2010 Heimbach Specialities    technical textiles mill Heimbach Specialities (former felt cloth factory Bruch & Cie.)
11/24/2010 porphyry quarry    The aerial ropeway of the "Vatter" porphyry quarry in Dossenheim
11/13/2010 Panoramic Photography    360° panoramic views
panoramic view of 'Charbonnages de Beringen (Kleine Heide)' colliery cooling tower added
01/01/2010 Zollverein    The coal mine 'Zollverein' in Essen Katernberg
historic photographs of Zollverein 12 and Zollverein 1/2 added
12/04/2009 European Capital of Barbarism RUHR 2010    destruction of culture by "European Capital of Culture RUHR 2010"
04/22/2009 P. Peters    refractory materials factory P. Peters Fabrik feuerfester Produkte
04/15/2009 stoneware tube factory    "Steinzeugröhrenwerk Paul Teeuwen A.G." stoneware tube factory (Geilenkirchen Gillrath)
04/14/2009 slate mining   
04/13/2009 Collieries in the Ruhr Area    A selection of coal mines in the Ruhr area
photographs of Lohberg colliery added
03/07/2009 The Aachen Coalfield    Collieries of the Aachen coalfield
photograph of Emil-Mayrisch No 1 locomotive added
03/05/2009 Duisburg and Rheinhausen    The steelworks of Krupp and ISPAT/Mittal in Duisburg and Rheinhausen
new photographs of the August Thyssen steelworks in Duisburg Bruckhausen
02/28/2009 Mining in the Czech Republic   
02/05/2009 Ohio & Mon    steelworks in the Ohio and Monongahela valley
photograph of Weirton steel mill added
02/03/2009 Maxhütte    The Maxhütte steelworks in Sulzbach Rosenberg
historic photograph taken from the Schloßberg added
01/30/2009 Ostrava    mining in the Ostrava area
01/03/2009 cranes and excavators   
bucket chain excavator of the Idunahall brickworks clay pit added
12/30/2008 Carderie Vervietoise    Carding Cloth Factory "Carderie Vervietoise" at Verviers
photographs of Carding Clothes Factory "Carderie Vervietoise
12/28/2008 Grevenbrück saw mill   
12/20/2008 South Wales    South Wales collieries
photographs of 'Merthyr Vale' colliery added
12/17/2008 coke works    various coke works
cooling towrs of Minister Stein coke plant at Dortmund Eving
06/22/2008 Válcovna Trub TŽ    The "Mannesmann tube mill" of Válcovna Trub TŽ at Vitkovice
06/09/2008 Lavoir et Carbonisage de Dolhain    wool washing and carbonisation plant
photographs added
05/12/2008 Krkonošské vápenky Kunčice    cement plant and aerial ropeway of Krkonošské vápenky Kunčice
05/12/2008 Tyra Sawmill    sawmill with steam engine at Trinec Tyra (Czech Republic)
05/12/2008 aerial ropeways    aerial ropeways in europe
photographs of KVK ropeways added
05/10/2008 Ostrava    steel industry at Ostrava
03/16/2008 England (misc. areas)    Collieries in England
historic photographs of English collieries
02/23/2008 Anna    The 'Anna' coke plant in Alsdorf
photograph of coal silo and by-product plant added
02/23/2008 steam locomotives at Anna    The steam locomotives of the 'Eschweiler Bergwerks Verein'
diesel locomotives added
02/21/2008 Hasard Cheratte    The coal mine 'Hasard Cheratte'
photographs added
02/13/2008 Cleveland and Humberside    The Corus steelmills at Redcar (Cleveland) and Scunthorpe (Humberside)
photograph of Scunthorpe blast furnaces ("The Four Queens") added
02/10/2008 Nottinghamshire    Collieries in Nottinghamshire
photographs of 'Wellbeck' colliery added
02/10/2008 DK Recycling    The blast furnaces of 'DK Recycling' in Duisburg
photographs of Cowper stoves added
02/06/2008 glassworks   
01/27/2008 Gillrath brickworks    a few impressions from Gillrath brickworks with Hoffmann kiln
01/21/2008 Fürst Leopold    Fürst Leopold colliery
images added
01/21/2008 HSP    "Hoesch Spundwand und Profil" manufacturer of sheet pile sections
01/06/2008 Du Gouffre    The abandoned coal mine 'Du Gouffre'
photographs added
12/29/2007 PKI Smurfit    architecture of the abandoned paper-mill "PKI Smurfit"
The plant has been demolished except the chimney stack and a warehouse
12/28/2007 Aachen Slaughterhouse    The abandoned Aachen slaughterhouse
12/27/2007 Kempen/Campine    The collieries of the Kempen area (Campine)
photographs of Winterslag colliery added
12/25/2007 Crachet Pickery 11 colliery   
12/24/2007 Charleroi    La Beauté de Charleroi - The bitter beauty of Charleroi
new: ode to one of the most beautiful cities of Western Europe: Charleroi
12/19/2007 France (North)    Collieries in the North of France (including Drocourt coke plant)
photograph of Drocourt coke plant added
12/16/2007 night photography    industrial photographs at night
photographs of the high-grade steel works UGINE & ALZ of ARCELOR/Mittal at Genk added
12/08/2007 Ceramique Welkenraedt    The demolished 'Ceramique Welkenraed' ceramic factory at welkenraedt (Belgium)
new photographs of the 'Ceramique Welkenraed'
12/07/2007 Carcoke Zeebrugge    The sad end of the 'Carcoke' coke plant in Zeebrugge
photographs of the laboratory added
12/02/2007 Péronnes    The coal washery 'Lavoir Triage de Péronnes' and the adjacent 'Puits Saint-Albert' colliery
photographs ao Puits albert and power station added
12/02/2007 Völklingen steel works    blast furnaces, coke plant, sintering plant and blower house
new photographs of the Saarstahl rolling mill added
12/01/2007 Carcoke Tertre    The abandoned 'Carcoke' coking plant 'Tertre' near Mons
photographs added
11/26/2007 Hansa coke works    by-product plant and compressor house of the Hansa coke works
photographs of suction engines added
11/24/2007 SAFEA ammonium plant    Société Anonyme de Fabrication d'Engrais Azoté
photographs added
11/21/2007 wire rod mill Paul Poensgen    wire rod mill "Paul Poensgen" at Hellenthal Blumenthal
10/14/2007 Gayle Mill   
06/30/2007 Fonderie Felon et Lange SA Foundry   
06/10/2007 Vesdre-Valley    industry in the Vesdre valley from Eupen via Verviers to Liège
photograph of Eupen worsted yarn spinning mill
05/15/2007 Pittsburgh    steelworks in the Pittsburgh area (Pennsylvania)
05/13/2007 Cleveland    the beauty of industrial landscape: steelworks in Cleveland (Ohio)
photographs LTV Cleveland added
04/15/2007 industry in the Rur valley    The Rur area - the little brother of the Ruhr area
new: industrial photography in the Rur valley
04/07/2007 Prayon    Prayon, chemical plant
04/07/2007 industry in the Meuse valley    industrial impressions of the Meuse valley between Liège and Namur
02/18/2007 refractory clay kilns   
02/13/2007 steelmill   
new photographs
01/28/2007 'Hastenrather Kalkwerke' limeworks   
12/19/2006 Coenen Klinker    The "Coenen Klinker" brickworks at Körrenzig
11/25/2006 Corus coke works    coke plants of the integrated Corus steel mill at IJmuiden
colour images added
08/21/2006 CARLAM    hot rolling mill for stainless flat products
07/21/2006 recommended reading   
07/16/2006 potassium mines    potassium mines in Germany (Werra area)
06/28/2006 Monceau Fontaine    The 'Monceau Fontaine' collieries
photograph of Monceau Fontaine 18 added
06/20/2006 Photo-Graphics    A selection of coloured black & white photographs and watercolours
watercolours added
05/27/2006 Müller woollen mill    The industrial museum 'Müller Woollen Mill' at Euskirchen Kuchenheim
05/25/2006 Beringen    The abandoned coal mine 'Charbonnages de Beringen (Kleine Heide)'
overview added
03/08/2006 Stoppani S.p.A. Cogoleto    Stoppani S.p.A. chromium plant at Cogoleto (Italy)
02/25/2006 Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes    The pilger mill of the Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes at Düsseldorf Rath
01/13/2006 Lorraine    mining in Lorraine
Folschviller No 1 winding tower added
12/06/2005 Hans Rauscher    "reports on my collier's training" by Hans Rauscher
10/17/2005 maltings    Abandoned maltings in Bungay (Suffolk)
09/01/2005 sintering plants   
photographs of the Völklingen sintering plant added
09/01/2005 Siempelkamp    Siempelkamp Foundry in Krefeld
07/23/2005 August Thyssen coke plant    The coke plant of the August Thyssen steelworks in Duisburg
photograph added
07/03/2005 EAF    steel mills using electric arc furnaces
photographs added
06/16/2005 integrated steelworks Lucchini Piombino   
photograph of blast furnace added
06/07/2005 Sophia Jacoba briquette plant   
06/07/2005 Quarries in the Wallonie    Quarrying of 'Petit Granit' in the Wallonie (Belgium)
photographs added
05/22/2005 RBW Knapsack    narrow gauge railway-system of the RBW at Knapsack
colour photographs added
05/08/2005 Becker steelworks    The former becker steelworks in Willich
05/08/2005 Neuss Harbour    Industry in the Neuss Harbour
04/10/2005 Italy    coke plants in Italy
04/10/2005 ILVA/RIVA steelworks Genoa   
04/10/2005 Lucchini steelworks Trieste    The Lucchini steel mill in Trieste
02/21/2005 Boulogne-sur-Mer    The COMILOG/SFPO ferromanganese works in Boulogne-sur-Mer, a cathedral of work
photographs of the abandoned COMILOG mill added
02/20/2005 Anna    The 'Anna' colliery in Alsdorf
coke plant and colliery separated
02/09/2005 Blast Furnaces    Various blast furnaces
photograph of the Dilliner Hütte added
02/05/2005 SIDMAR Gent    The SIDMAR steelworks at the Terneuzen - Gent canal
02/01/2005 steam locomotices in Turkey   
01/16/2005 Seraing    The coking plant of 'Cockerill Sambre' ironworks in Seraing
photographs added
12/30/2004 Heinrich Robert     colliery 'Heinrich Robert, Bergwerk Ost'
washery added
12/27/2004 Radbod colliery    The remains of the former Radbod 1/2/5 colliery
12/26/2004 Adolf    The EBV colliery 'Adolf' in Herzogenrath Merkstein
steam winder of the air shaft added
12/08/2004 TSTG    rolling mill of TSTG Schienen Technik GmbH
11/13/2004 Prosper coke plant    The DSK owned Prosper coking plant in Bottrop
photographs added
11/07/2004 spinning mill Filature Guilleaume   
10/23/2004 Industry in Cottbus   
corrections, additional infos
10/08/2004 Lausitz    Lignite in the Lausitz area: overburden transporter bridges, bucket chain excavators and power plants
opencast mine Cottbus Nord added
09/29/2004 Nenndorf brickworks    The Nenndorf brickworks still work with a Hoffmann furnace
08/10/2004 Phönix / Westfalenhütte    The 'Westfalenhütte' and the 'Phönix' steelworks in Dortmund
new photographs
08/08/2004  Bayern im Zerrspiegel der bayerischen Denkmalpflege     Anlässlich der geplanten Zerstörung der Maxhütte in Sulzbach-Rosenberg: ein Kommentar zur aktuellen bayerischen Denkmalpolitik.
Neuer Kommentar zur bayerischen Denkmalpolitik anlässlich der geplanten Zerstörung der Maxhütte in Sulzbach-Rosenberg
08/07/2004 Wales    blast furnaces in South Wales
new photographs and panoramic view of the Corus steelworks in Port Talbot added
07/22/2004 Esch    The steel mill in Esch
images added
07/14/2004 Trefriw Woollen Mill    traditional spinning and weaving in Trefriw (Snowdonia)
04/28/2004 ISPAT WHG    wire rod mill ISPAT Walzdraht Hochfeld GmbH
colour images of the wire rod rolling mill added
04/18/2004 bridges   
Forth Bridge added
04/12/2004 impregnation plant   
03/29/2004 Industrial Photography Archive    industrial photography, history and architecture
redesign and enlarged photographs
01/19/2004 Saar area    collieries in the Saar area
01/07/2004 Lorraine and Moselle    The last blast furnaces in the Lorraine and Moselle area
photographs of the Longwy-Senelle blast furnaces added
01/01/2004 Cwm Coking Plant    Cwm Coking Plant in Pontypridd (South Wales)
colour version of the panoramic view of 'Cwm Coking' added
12/28/2003 Leipzig    Lignite industry near Leipzig: opencast mines, power plants and briquette plants
photographs of overburden transporter bridge AFB 10 Zwenkau updated
12/21/2003 Henrichshütte    The 'Henrichshütte' steelworks in Hattingen
photographs added
12/21/2003 TAG    Textilausrüstungs-Gesellschaft Schroers GmbH & Co. KG
images updated
12/03/2003 Potassium Mines in Alsace   
photographs added
11/21/2003 Hohenlimburger Kleinbahn    From Hohenlimburg into the Nahmer Valley
11/13/2003 Rust Rhapsody    swan song of a vanishing culture
bucket elevator drive unit added
11/12/2003 Usines Gustave Boël    The abandoned blast furnaces of the 'Usines Gustave Boël'
Image of blast furnace demolition added
10/28/2003 coking plants in Great Britain    coking plants of steelwoks at Scunthorpe, Redcar and Southbank
09/28/2003 HKM coking plant    The coking plant of the steelworks 'Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann'
09/25/2003 Mutter Maxhütte    Vom Leben mit der Maxhütte
09/25/2003 Sallaumines Fosse 4    Erinnerungen an meinen Freund Heinz
Die Erlebnisse von Jupp während der Kriegsgefangenschaft in einer französischen Grube (jetzt komplett)
09/15/2003 News   
09/13/2003 Auf der Maxhütte    Eindrücke von der Maxhütte
09/12/2003 Fire-Tour    Danger: boiling iron and red-hot coke
dumping slag at DK added
08/30/2003 tramways and industrial landscape    tramways in historic industrial areas (by Alan Murray-Rust)
renamed and new photographs from Dortmund added
08/30/2003 Steel-Tour    The world of blast furnaces
DK blast furnaces added
08/25/2003 Sommerhitze    Markus' Gedanken zum Thema 'Ein heißer Sommer'
08/17/2003 Roton    The coal dressing plant of the former 'Roton' colliery in Farciennes
08/17/2003 Speicherstadt Hamburg    harbour-buildings and warehouses in Hamburg
08/16/2003 industry & nature    industrial and nature photography
08/10/2003 Textile-Industry in Yorkshire    A selection of textile mills in Yorkshire
07/16/2003 Cockerill Charleroi    The coking plant of 'Cockerill Sambre' ironworks in Charleroi
07/12/2003 Kokerei Hassel    The Hassel coking plant in Gelsenkirchen during it's demolition
07/10/2003 narration    Narrated Industrial History
in this section people, who created real industrial culture, tell about their working life
05/19/2003 Transformer Substations    transformer houses and substations
03/16/2003 Eupen Gasworks    The old Eupen Gasworks
02/14/2003 Bois du Cazier    The coal mine 'Charbonnages du Bois du Cazier'
new photographs including endangoured winding tower added
02/10/2003 CIBE Vedrin    The CIBE waterworks (former pyrite mine)
12/10/2002 Meggen    The pyrite mine in Meggen
11/28/2002 Mayen-Basalt    Cranes in the basalt-quarries near Mayen
11/20/2002 Industrial Photography Gallery    photographic promenades
11/20/2002 Mine-Tour    From the collieries of the Ruhr accross the Borinage and Campine coalfield to South-Wales.
the first 'guided tour'
11/20/2002 CV    curriculum vitae
11/20/2002 FAQ    Frequently Asked Questions about 'StahlArt'
11/15/2002 Halberger Hütte    The tube foundry 'Halberger Hütte' in Saarbrücken
08/29/2002 Youngstown    steelworks in Youngstown and Warren(Ohio)
photographs National Tube Works, McKeeseport,
08/24/2002 Imperia Motorcar Factory    Formula 1 on the roofs of Nessonvaux
panoramic view added
08/09/2002 Buda Marly    The abandoned coking plant 'Buda Marly' in Brussels
photographs taken in 1992 show the plant still active
07/30/2002 Buschhausen    The former raiway station Buschhausen at the line Aachen-West - Montzen
07/27/2002 St. Nicolas    The remains of the pit 'St. Nicolas'
07/27/2002 Montzen Gare    The warehouse of the Montzen railway station
07/10/2002 Sluiskil    The abandoned coking plant in Sluiskil
05/28/2002 Liège, Luik, Lüttich   
11/11/2000 castles and palaces in Bavaria    There is more than castles and palaces in Bavaria
// Herrenchiemsee Castle    Herrenchiemsee Castle in Bavaria
// Linderhof Castle    Linderhof Castle in Bavaria

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