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mining   mines, headframes, power plants, briquette plants ...
industrial photography Belgium/Luxembourg    mining in Belgium and Luxembourg

Czech Republik   Mining in the Czech Republic

Great Britain   Mining in Great Britain

Germany   mining in Germany
  • Rhine Area   Lignite-industry in the area between Aachen and Cologne

  • Lausitz
    Lignite in the Lausitz area: overburden transporter bridges, bucket chain excavators and power plants

  • Leipzig
    Lignite industry near Leipzig: opencast mines, power plants and briquette plants

  • Ruhr Area   deep mining on hard coal in the Ruhr area

  • Anna
    The 'Anna' colliery in Alsdorf

  • Adolf
    The EBV colliery 'Adolf' in Herzogenrath Merkstein

  • The Aachen Coalfield
    Collieries of the Aachen coalfield

  • Meggen
    The pyrite mine in Meggen

  • Saar area
    collieries in the Saar area

  • potassium mines
    potassium mines in Germany (Werra area)

France   Mining in France

Ukraine   mining in the Ukraine

coking plants   coal converted into coke
industrial photography Belgium   coking plants in Belgium

Czech Republic
coke plants in Czech Republic

Germany   coking plants in Germany

Netherlands   coking plants in the Netherlands
  • Corus coke works
    coke plants of the integrated Corus steel mill at IJmuiden

  • Sluiskil
    The abandoned coking plant in Sluiskil

Great Britain   coking plants in Great Britain

Italy   coke plants in Italy
  • Italy
    coke plants in Italy

Steelworks   blast furnaces, cowper stoves, converters ...
industrial photography Belgium   steel mills in Belgium

Czech Republic   steel industry in the Czech Republic

France   steel mills in France

Germany   steel mills in Germany

Great Britain   steel works in Great Britain

Italy   steel mills in Italy

Luxembourg   steel mills in Luxembourg
  • Esch
    The steel mill in Esch

The Netherlands   Steel Industry in the Netherlands
  • Tata Steel IJmuiden
    The integrated Tata Steel Strip Products steelworks (formerly Corus, formerly Hoogovens) in IJmuiden

Ukraine   steelworks in the Ukraine

USA   steelworks in the USA
  • Ohio & Mon
    steelworks in the Ohio and Monongahela valley

  • Bethlehem Steel
    The legendary steelmills of Bethlehem Steel

  • Pittsburgh
    steelworks in the Pittsburgh area (Pennsylvania)

  • Youngstown
    steelworks in Youngstown and Warren(Ohio)

  • Cleveland
    the beauty of industrial landscape: steelworks in Cleveland (Ohio)

industrial photography
Heimbach Specialities
technical textiles mill Heimbach Specialities (former felt cloth factory Bruch & Cie.)

P. Peters
refractory materials factory P. Peters Fabrik feuerfester Produkte

Carderie Vervietoise
Carding Cloth Factory "Carderie Vervietoise" at Verviers

Aachen Slaughterhouse
The abandoned Aachen slaughterhouse

Fonderie Felon et Lange SA Foundry

Prayon, chemical plant

Krkonošské vápenky Kunčice
cement plant and aerial ropeway of Krkonošské vápenky Kunčice

refractory clay kilns

'Hastenrather Kalkwerke' limeworks

Bauer und Schaurte
The screw manufacturing plant 'Bauer und Schaurte' formerly 'Funcke und Hueck' in Hagen

impregnation plant

Imperia Motorcar Factory
Formula 1 on the roofs of Nessonvaux

Eupen Gasworks
The old Eupen Gasworks

Ceramique Welkenraedt
The demolished 'Ceramique Welkenraed' ceramic factory at welkenraedt (Belgium)

Gillrath brickworks
a few impressions from Gillrath brickworks with Hoffmann kiln

Nenndorf brickworks
The Nenndorf brickworks still work with a Hoffmann furnace

Coenen Klinker
The "Coenen Klinker" brickworks at Körrenzig

stoneware tube factory
"Steinzeugröhrenwerk Paul Teeuwen A.G." stoneware tube factory (Geilenkirchen Gillrath)

Textile-Industry in Yorkshire
A selection of textile mills in Yorkshire

Trefriw Woollen Mill
traditional spinning and weaving in Trefriw (Snowdonia)

Lavoir et Carbonisage de Dolhain
wool washing and carbonisation plant

Müller woollen mill
The industrial museum 'Müller Woollen Mill' at Euskirchen Kuchenheim

spinning mill Filature Guilleaume

Textilausrüstungs-Gesellschaft Schroers GmbH & Co. KG

Industry in Cottbus

PKI Smurfit
architecture of the abandoned paper-mill "PKI Smurfit"

SAFEA ammonium plant
Société Anonyme de Fabrication d'Engrais Azoté

Sophia Jacoba briquette plant

Abandoned maltings in Bungay (Suffolk)

Stoppani S.p.A. Cogoleto
Stoppani S.p.A. chromium plant at Cogoleto (Italy)

Grevenbrück saw mill

Gayle Mill

Tyra Sawmill
sawmill with steam engine at Trinec Tyra (Czech Republic)

wire rod mill Paul Poensgen
wire rod mill "Paul Poensgen" at Hellenthal Blumenthal

porphyry quarry
The aerial ropeway of the "Vatter" porphyry quarry in Dossenheim


various factories

technical monuments   bridges, steam engines ...
industrial photography

gas holders

steam engines

Water towers

aerial ropeways
aerial ropeways in europe

Transformer Substations
transformer houses and substations

power plants
hydroelectric and coal power plants

cranes and excavators

Industrial Landscapes   Landscapes and towns formed by industrial installations
industrial photography
industry in the Rur valley
The Rur area - the little brother of the Ruhr area

industry in the Meuse valley
industrial impressions of the Meuse valley between Liège and Namur

La Beauté de Charleroi - The bitter beauty of Charleroi

Liège, Luik, Lüttich

Quarries in the Wallonie
Quarrying of 'Petit Granit' in the Wallonie (Belgium)

Cranes in the basalt-quarries near Mayen

Speicherstadt Hamburg
harbour-buildings and warehouses in Hamburg

industry in the Vesdre valley from Eupen via Verviers to Liège

Neuss Harbour
Industry in the Neuss Harbour

industrial photography
Montzen Gare
The warehouse of the Montzen railway station

The former raiway station Buschhausen at the line Aachen-West - Montzen

steam locomotives at Anna
The steam locomotives of the 'Eschweiler Bergwerks Verein'

Hohenlimburger Kleinbahn
From Hohenlimburg into the Nahmer Valley

RBW Knapsack
narrow gauge railway-system of the RBW at Knapsack

steam locomotices in Turkey

tramways and industrial landscape
tramways in historic industrial areas (by Alan Murray-Rust)

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